How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree

Finding an awesome Christmas tree is a tradition that many of us embark on each year during the holiday season. But how savvy of a tree shopper are you? We’ll tell you how to choose the best tree, along with some tips to make this tradition as stress-free as possible. Even expert tree shoppers can learn a thing or two!

Credit: camerabee via Flickr

Credit: camerabee via Flickr

Here are some basics:

  • Before you go tree shopping, measure the opening of your tree stand and the height of the ceiling where you plan to display your tree. You’ll want a tree that is at least 1 foot shorter than the ceiling height, so be sure to take a tape measure with you!
  • When selecting a tree, give it a shake. If the tree is fresh, very few needles should fall off — you don’t want an old tree. Fresh trees also have flexible needles.
  • Ensure that the base of the tree is straight and at least 6 inches long — it’ll make fitting into your tree stand easier.
Credit: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious via Flickr

Credit: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious via Flickr

There are many different types of Christmas trees, but the following are the top 5 for the best shape, lush branches, rich color and superior needle retention:

  1. Balsam fir
  2. Douglas fir
  3. Fraser fir
  4. Noble fir
  5. Scotch pine
Credit: liljulier via Flickr

Credit: liljulier via Flickr

Here’s how to keep your tree smelling fresh and prevent needles from falling out:

  • Cut and inch off the base of your tree to make it easier for it to take in water. Be sure you cut straight so the tree can stand properly.
  • If you don’t put up the tree right away, place it in a bucket of warm water and away from the wind and cold.
  • Use a tree stand that can hold at least 1 gallon of water.
  • Keep your tree well watered! Trees can use several quarts a day, so check the stand every few hours. Don’t let the water level fall below the base of the tree or it may seal, preventing your tree from water intake.
  • Don’t add anything to the water. Plain water is best, regardless of what some people say!
Credit: fishhawk via Flickr

Credit: fishhawk via Flickr

Taking down your tree

The best way to avoid a huge mess is to think ahead and future-proof the clean-up. Place a plastic tree bag (available at your local hardware store) underneath the stand, which you can hide with a tree skirt. When you want to take the tree down, simply pull the bad up around the tree (including the stand) and carry it outside. Remove the stand before disposing of the tree.

Credit: wolfsavard via Flickr

Credit: wolfsavard via Flickr

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