Meteorology: More than Just a Forecast

We often take for granted the benefits that meteorologists all over the world provide for us. From forecasts to severe weather warnings, these scientists observe atmospheric parameters and decipher them so we can plan our day and stay safe when weather dangers lurk. But to some, meteorologists provide more than just a forecast.

Logan Heim of Hendersonville, NC has autism. A few months back, his speech therapist recognized his passion for the weather and has been using WLOS Meteorologist Julie Wunder’s weather segments as a teaching tool.

I don’t think I would ever think people use what I do, telling folks about the weather, as a tool to make such strides in their life,” she says. “It’s so touching, I hardly have words for it.

Watch the video:


We are thankful for what we do for you and what meteorology does for people everywhere. Have a great weekend!


Credit: JamieOber via Flickr

Credit: JamieOber via Flickr

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