Communities Unite After Destructive Tornadoes

Aaron Montgomery’s house was not damaged by the tornado that roared through this central Illinois community. But when the twister knocked out power across town, he had to find a way to keep his 5-year-old daughter alive, a recipient of a heart transplant last year.

Credit: State Farm via Flickr

Credit: State Farm via Flickr

Isabel Montgomery requires machinery to help her breathe and eat. So her father furiously made calls looking for help, finally getting through to a construction company that loaned two generators.

I baby-sat the generators with a gas can last night to make sure they were full and running,” he said Monday.

Credit: State Farm via Flickr

Credit: State Farm via Flickr

The cleanup from Sunday’s outbreak of tornadoes had scarcely begun, but people in storm-ravaged towns like Washington, 140 miles southwest of Chicago, had to keep moving. The tornado cut a path about an eighth of a mile wide from one side of Washington to the other and damaged or destroyed as many as 500 homes.

It could be days before power is restored in the town of 16,000, state officials said Monday, and debris was still scattered across the streets. But people forced out of their homes were allowed back in Monday to survey damage and see what they could save.

Credit: State Farm via Flickr

Credit: State Farm via Flickr

Though the powerful line of thunderstorms and tornadoes howled across 12 states Sunday, flattening neighborhoods in minutes, the death toll stood at just eight. Forecasters’ uncannily accurate predictions, combined with television and radio warnings, text-message alerts and storm sirens, almost certainly saved lives. Read More

Credit: State Farm via Flickr

Credit: State Farm via Flickr

As we are nearing Thanksgiving, now is a perfect time to remember those less fortunate. If you’d like to help those affected, please visit the following sites:

  •  American Red Cross – The American Red Cross is helping people in the Midwest after the weekend’s devastating tornadoes, providing those affected with safe shelter, meals and comfort as they deal with the challenges ahead.
  • The Salvation Army – The Salvation Army is on the scene to aid those throughout the Midwest that have been affected by the storms on November 17, 2013. Please pledge your support today by donating so that we can provide relief supplies and other resources to those in need.
  • Matthew 25 Ministries – Matthew 25: Ministries is responding to the devastation left behind by the tornadoes in Illinois. The disaster response team has departed with two of Matthew 25’s disaster response trucks and their disaster response delivery vehicles co-branded with P&G and Cintas, which will provide Cintas and P&G products for disaster victims, along with other basic supplies like water and tarps.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. Be strong.

Stay Safe. Know Before™.

-The WeatherBug Team 

This post is based on article written by David Mercer and Don Babwin, The Associated Press



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