Real Life Rocky and Bullwinkle?!

Though the cartoon version of Bullwinkle is a dim-witted (but friendly) moose, this squirrel and deer duo was captured in Antigo, WI by Logan Lehrer using a trail camera.

A trail camera is a device that records images, either as a still photograph or a video. It is a rugged and weatherproof camera designed for extended and unmanned use outdoors. Most cameras come with a strap that allows it to be hung from a tree and will automatically take a picture when it senses motion. – (Wikipedia)

Logan’s cousin Hailey shared it on Twitter on Tuesday night, originally garnering one favorite and one retweet.

Flying squirrel and running deer... a real life Rocky and Bullwinkle?

Flying squirrel and running deer… a real life Rocky and Bullwinkle?  Credit: Logan Lehrer

By 6pm Wednesday, Hailey says the picture had over 300 RTs! Her phone has been beeping non-stop. “I had trouble sleeping last night because my notifications kept making my phone vibrate“, she said.

Trail cameras are becoming all the rage in the outdoor community. Hunters are using the trail-cams to scout for game, while others are using the cameras for fun.

(via flickr user Dewclaw Archery)

Credit: Dewclaw Archery via Flickr

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Credit: Mohunter68 via Flickr








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Credit: saltedwound via Flickr

(via flickr user Dewclaw Archery)

Credit: Dewclaw Archery v

Our WeatherBug TV partner in Wausau, WI (WAOW abc9) did a feature story on trailcams that aired yesterday. Take a look…

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Thanks to Meteorologist Rob Duns for the great story!

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