Monstrous Sinkhole Devours Boat & Swimming Pool in Florida

A sinkhole in Dunedin, FL caved in early Thursday morning between two houses. By noon, it had grown to 70 feet wide and 53 feet deep causing parts of 2 homes to collapse and devouring a 14 foot boat and a backyard swimming pool!



There was apparently some work being done to try to fill in what they thought was a sinkhole beneath the house the last couple of days,” Dunedin Fire Chief Jeff Parks said. “The owner woke up this morning at 5:40 when he heard noises on his back porch and went out and found the sinkhole at that point.” (via NBC News)

Emergency personnel are onsite assessing the situation, waiting for the ground around the sinkhole to stabilize enough for them to fill it with grout. City officials have condemned both homes — luckily there were no injuries!

Credit: USGS

Credit: USGS

Sinkholes are fairly common in Florida and affect about 20% of our country. Read our post That Sinking Feeling – Sinkhole 101 to learn how sinkholes form and what you can do to protect your life and property!

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