Too Good to be True: A 45-day forecast

In August, some other weather company launched a 45-day forecast for any location in the United States. Now this may sound impressive, but to the informed (such as Capital Weather Gang’s chief meteorologist Jason Samenow), it’s a joke.

Credit: 2493™ via Flickr

Credit: 2493™ via Flickr

Interested people, including many professional meteorologists, have compared this 45-day forecast to actual observations for each day during the time period. What they concluded shouldn’t be a surprise — the 45-day forecast was largely off the mark and inaccurate. Most of the time, it wasn’t even close.

Credit: KungPaoCajun via Flickr

Credit: KungPaoCajun via Flickr

As you may know, “the discipline of meteorology is far from an exact science and is more about understanding a fluid atmosphere then analyzing past movement to predict what it will do in the future” according to the Capital Weather Gang. Turns out that predicting the future is a lot harder than it seems.

Credit: born1945 via Flickr

Credit: born1945 via Flickr

We know you rely on forecasts and warnings to severe weather to make important decisions. So instead of being cute, we focus on bringing you the most accurate real-time forecasts based on science and data from Earth Networks, our parent company.

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