Is Your Home Prepared for the Elements?

Did you know that 50% of your home’s energy use is driven by the weather? This is a little known fact, but if you give it a ponder, it all makes sense. When it’s cold and the winter winds are blowing, you most likely have the heater cranked up. When it’s hot and humid outside, your air condition is most likely blasting.

Credit: Qfamily via Flickr

Credit: Qfamily via Flickr

So, if you had the world’s largest weather observation network with real-time data — could you put that big data to work to help you get smarter on your HVAC use and help you reduce your bill?

Credit: WeatherBug SmartHome

Credit: WeatherBug SmartHome

The combination of our network and your smart meter data allows us to help you save dollars each month on their energy bill with our SmartHome ScoreCard. Armed with this data, we tell you exactly what you need to do to lower your bill and grow your wallet.

Sample ScoreCard you'd receive each month

Sample ScoreCard you’d receive each month

Currently, we have launched this innovative new program with San Diego Gas & Electric, with other energy providers to come soon. If you’d like more information, please visit


Here’s a good article covering our SmartHome program:


Come save green and be green with us!

-The WeatherBug-Earth Networks team



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