NASA Looks to Us for Safe Launch to the Moon!

On Friday, September 6, NASA launched the Lunar Atmosphere Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) at 11:27 pm EDT from the their Wallops Flight Facility located in Wallops Island, Va. — the first ever moon mission to launch from Wallops!

LADEE preparations - Credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video via Flickr

LADEE preparations – Credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video via Flickr

Fun Facts: There have been over 16,000 launches from the range at Wallops since its founding in 1945 in the quest for information on the flight characteristics of airplanes, launch vehicles, and spacecraft; and to increase the knowledge of the Earth’s upper atmosphere and the near-space environment. Two rhesus monkeys, Sam and Miss Sam, were sent aloft as pioneers for astronauts from this facility; both were recovered safely. – Wikipedia



This January, Earth Networks, WeatherBug’s parent company, was selected for our state-of-the-art total lightning network to aid this NASA facility in support of launch activities by continuously monitoring lightning and weather. We are proud to assist NASA today, and everyday, in safeguarding aircraft operations, rocket launches and upcoming cargo missions to support the International Space Station!

Watch a video of the launch:


LADEE is a “robotic mission that will orbit the moon to gather detailed information about the lunar atmosphere, conditions near the surface and environmental influences on lunar dust. A thorough understanding of these characteristics will address long-standing unknowns, and help scientists understand other planetary bodies as well” says NASA.

More Fun Facts: This LADEE launch will be controlled by NASA’s Ames Research Center located at Moffett Field, Calif., — this is literally 1 block away from WeatherBug’s California office.

We look forward to a successful launch and will be keeping a close eye on the skies!

-The WeatherBug-Earth Networks Team



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