How Green is YOUR Sports Team?

When most people think about their favorite sports team, their thoughts revolve around records, statistics, players and venues. But have you given any thought as to how green (eco-friendly) your team is? If you haven’t, that’s okay — the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) already did it for you!

Credit: Maxim34374 via Flickr

Credit: Maxim34374 via Flickr

The EPA is unveiling a new online Green Sports Resource Directory that can help teams, venues and leagues save money and reduce carbon pollution through increased energy efficiency and a reduction in waste. Participants will also gain recognition for their efforts that reduce the environmental impact of their events. This is a key part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan.



“As a founding partner of the Green Sports Alliance, EPA is committed to working with its members to help teams and sports venues green their operations, and engage fans,” said Deputy Administrator Perciasepe. “EPA’s new Green Sports Resource Directory will provide easy access to information on Agency tools and programs along with success stories to serve as examples of what can be achieved with a winning game plan for going green.”

Credit: Ed-Watts via Flickr

Credit: Ed-Watts via Flickr

Currently there are more than 180 members in the Green Sports Alliance, and is working with more than 75 teams at the professional and collegiate level, and over 100 stadiums/sports venues across the country.

So how does your team stack up? Take a look at the scorecard:

Credit: EPA

Click to expand to see your favorite sports teams! – Credit: EPA

Get the full scorecard here



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