Don’t Strike Out With Lightning

Imagine this — You’re at the game, cheering on your favorite team. It’s a close game, the pressure’s on and excitement is thick in the air. The last thing on your mind is “Am I safe?

Credit: Peter Thomsen via Flickr - AT&T Park panorama

Credit: Peter Thomsen via Flickr – AT&T Park panorama

This was the case on August 19th at 8:40pm PT at the San Francisco Giants game in AT&T Park (shown below). During the game, lightning decided to rear its ugly head and caused confusion and surprise since it was so unexpected… at least if you weren’t a WeatherBug user with Spark!

Credit: @deanfisk via Twitter

Credit: @deanfisk via Twitter

If you’re within 10 miles of the closest lightning strike, you ARE in the danger zone. Did you know that you can be struck by lightning even with blue skies overhead? That’s why you should get WeatherBug with Spark on your smartphone.

Spark in WeatherBug for Android (also available in our iPhone app). Tells your phone into a personal lightning detector!

Spark in WeatherBug for Android (also available in our iPhone app).

Spark, an exclusive feature of WeatherBug, turns your smartphone into a personal lightning detector. Only WeatherBug can bring minute-by-minute, mile-by-mile Spark lightning strike alerts to you, in real-time, based on data from our total lightning detection network! No other app can do this. Period.

This isn’t the only documented case nor will it be the last. Check out how lightning disrupted a Ranger’s game:

And a Cardinal’s game:

Be sure to download WeatherBug for your Android and iOS devices — it’s free and has Spark, so you Know Before™ you’re in lightning danger!

WeatherBug iOS Application (iPhone, iPad & iPod)

WeatherBug Android Application (Phone & Tablet)


Stay Safe. Know Before™.

-The WeatherBug Team 



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