App Store Anniversary: Changing Lives One Forecast at a Time

Today, June 10th, Apple’s App Store officially turns 5 years old! WeatherBug would like to tip our hat and thank Apple for pioneering the way we use apps on our mobile devices — forever changing software delivery and sparking an often-overlooked revolution of the mobile era! Also a wink and a nod to Google, Blackberry, Nokia and Microsoft for following suit to provide such a vast ecosystem of apps for everyone’s enjoyment.

Credit: daniela.magallon via Flickr

Credit: daniela.magallon via Flickr

For you curious folks, here is an app store creation timeline:

  1. Apple’s App Store – July 10, 2008
  2. Google Play – October 22, 2008
  3. Blackberry App World – March 4, 2009
  4. Nokia’s Ovi Store – May 26, 2009
  5. Microsoft Window Phone Marketplace – October 21, 2010
Credit: WeatherBug

Credit: WeatherBug

We are grateful for app stores so people can easily access WeatherBug on their mobile devices, and more importantly, use WeatherBug as an essential tool to plan their lives and to stay safe! We’d like to thank the millions who have downloaded our apps. 

Here are some of your stories on how WeatherBug has impacted your lives. Hearing stories like these makes our day!

  • “On April 10th at 8:45pm a tornado watch and warning was reported from WeatherBug. Around 9:30 pm, a tornado blew over our city. And WeatherBug was so accurate that my family and I had time to get to safety. So thank you for being there and keeping the weather up to date. It was really helpful.”


  • “I have used WeatherBug for years now, even before I retired. We used it at work as we unloaded cargo ships from Europe and Asia and always needed a reliable weather forecast to order longshoremen. Being retired now, I use it for home and love when WeatherBug chirps during severe weather. Last year there were a few tornado warnings in my area and I was on the WeatherBug until the threats were over. I also use it for traveling forecasts so I know what type of clothes to pack for the trip. WeatherBug is a great weather tool.”


  • “During the summer of 2010 I had just landed the aircraft I was flying when my phone alerted me of a thunderstorm warning bringing high winds and hail. I was able to have the airport bring my plane into a hangar. Within ten minutes the winds and hail came, and cars in the parking lot were damaged. This alert arrived just in time to save hundreds of thousands dollars worth of damage to the aircraft and lost revenues from having it out of service.”


  • “I work Full Time as a Firefighter-Paramedic and Volunteer at SkyWarn Net Control for Skywarn in Cincinnati, Ohio. On numerous occasions at work, WeatherBug has been there to let me know what is coming. Usually when severe weather comes we get a lot of storm related details from WeatherBug. When it comes to SkyWarn, the WeatherBug mobile app is always fast at getting the alerts out. I get alerts before many of my friends when the alert shows up on my phone. It really helps to know what is coming and how soon. Thanks for making a great product!”


Minimize your risk of sudden, dangerous weather! Download WeatherBug for your smartphone today to get the fastest alerts and Know Before™ (it’s free!):

WeatherBug for Android (phone & tablet)

WeatherBug for iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod)


Or if you’re on a computer:

WeatherBug for your Desktop Computer

WeatherBug for Chrome



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