Be Ready: Top 5 Weather Dangers

Often, we don’t consider the weather until it’s too late. It’s easy to think about immediate danger when we see the storm brewing, the tornado twisting, or the lightning striking,  but dangerous weather can also come in many lesser-known forms.

As severe weather season is in full swing, it is important to note that sometimes, the most dangerous of the threats are those unseen. Here is a list of the top 5 deadliest weather phenomenons in the United States from the WeatherBug team so you can Know Before™ and keep yourself and loved ones safe.

5. Lightning

Credit: Kelly DeLay via Flickr

Credit: Kelly DeLay via Flickr

These electrically-charged flashes across the sky have caused 400 deaths in the last 10 years. Use WeatherBug’s Spark feature to tell you when lighting is near so you can get to a safe place quickly. Learn more on how to stay safe here.


4. Floods 

Credit: U.S. Geological Survey via Flickr

Credit: U.S. Geological Survey via Flickr

Flooding can happen in all 50 states and can cause significant loss of life and property damages. It’s possible for a car to be carried away in just 2 feet of flood water, and as little as 1 inch of water can seriously damage property and homes. In the last 10 years alone, 806 lives have been lost.


3. Hurricanes

Credit: Jerry Angelica Photography via Flickr

Credit: Jerry Angelica Photography via Flickr

A large hurricane can produce the energy equal to 10 atomic bombs detonating every second! Hurricanes can produce a slew of  deadly weather events such as tornadoes, lightning, hail and heavy winds. Most hurricanes can drop up to a foot of rain causing floods and flash-floods, further increasing the level of destruction. In the the last 10 years, hurricanes have been responsible for 1,143 deaths.


2. Tornadoes

Credit: NOAA Photo Library via Flickr

Credit: NOAA Photo Library via Flickr

 Three out of four tornadoes occur in the US, and about 1,200 tornadoes touch down each year. The strongest have winds of up to 250 mph. Tornadoes have been reported in every state in the U.S. and in every season, and have resulted in 1,145 deaths in the last 10 years. Use these tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe!


1. Heat

Credit: jetportal via Flickr

Credit: jetportal via Flickr

And #1 on our list is HEAT, killing 1,340 people in the last 10 years.  Yes, heat waves kill more Americans than any other type of natural disaster. It pushes the human body beyond its limits – under normal conditions, the body’s internal thermostat produces perspiration that evaporates and cools the body. However, in extreme heat and high humidity, evaporation is slowed and the body must work extra hard to maintain a normal temperature.

Credit: WeatherBug Meteorology team

Credit: WeatherBug Meteorology team


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