WeatherBug for Android gets MAJOR update!

Finally, the much anticipated update to our popular Android app is here, sporting a fresh new look, simpler navigation, new content such as a new Photos section, customizable background themes, additional lifestyle forecasts and our new Spark (location-based lightning monitoring).

WeatherBug for Android's new face!

WeatherBug for Android’s new face!

New Photo Section!

New Photo Section!

You’ll also enjoy the industry’s most accurate pinpoint forecasts for your neighborhood and beyond, and also the fastest, most advanced early warning system!

New Slide-side Navigation makes access quick & easy

New Slide-side Navigation makes access quick & easy

Some feature highlights are:

  • Slide-side Navigation – Get all your forecasts, conditions and alerts with our new one-touch navigation right from the home screen!
  • Spark Alerts – Spark, an exclusive WeatherBug feature, turns your smartphone into a personal lightning detector. Only WeatherBug can bring minute-by-minute, mile-by-mile lightning strike alerts to you, in real-time, based on data from the WeatherBug total lightning detection network!
  • Photos Section – We’ve collected magnificent photography from our users for your viewing pleasure. Come see what others are sharing and enjoy the scenery!
  • Enhanced Pinpoint Hourly Forecasts – 25% more accurate forecasts for the next 24 hours when compared to other forecasts! Know Before™ you head out!
  • Current Conditions Icons – We now update the icons more frequently with a higher resolution model, so you get the most accurate depictions of conditions. That’s especially critical when weather conditions are quickly changing.
  • Customization – Customize your home screen with new background themes and rearrange your live tiles to get the info that matter the most to you at-a-glance.
Interactive Radar map with multiple layers to keep you in "the know"!

Interactive Radar map with multiple layers to keep you in “the know”!

Spark tells you how far away lightning is... 0.6 miles away?!? BETTER GET INDOORS!

Spark tells you how far away lightning is… 0.6 miles away?!? BETTER GET INDOORS!

Some feedback from our customers so far:

“OMG, new update is great! Wasn’t really happy with the last UI. Have always loved this app, more accurate than TWC. Thanks for a great app ! Galaxy Note 2”


“Love the new update! By far the best weather app for accuracy… now the best looking too!”


“Best ……..!!!!! Holy cr** Batman! I love the New format! Awesome Job! Way better than the rest!!!”


To download the new WeatherBug for Android (it’s FREE), please go:

To watch a demo of the new WeatherBug for Android, go:

Let us know what you think in the comments below!!




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